Here are ten helpful tips in case you want to become an ace at online gambling Gamble if you must

Gambling is not something that you must be proud about. Nor is it something that you would want your children to take after you. But you cannot write away gambling because a few of them take it to the extremes.

Gambling can be likened to alcohol where a little bit of it in moderation may be a great mood setter and even healthy. But tipping over and drinking even a few more drinks than always poses the risk of intoxication and

the resultant addiction or the danger of committing a crime in the inebriated condition. Therefore gamble if you must but in moderation. And if you can wean away from it completely, we would love to pat your bag and cheer for you!

Here is a list of nine points you must keep in mind if you want to gamble online

Responsible gambling must be your catch phrase

When online and on a losing streak, it is extremely important that you know your limits and realize when top call it quits especially after you have reached a threshold of losing the amount of money that you can safely lose. When you know that any amount of loss that happens henceforth will put pressure on your finances, intelligently stop playing. It is not worth chasing your losses after this.

Let problem gambling not overtake you

It is a good idea to decide ahead itself may be at the start of a session as to when you will stop playing online. Say, for example you could decide that at the end of 30 percent of recovery of your money you would stop playing or 25% of loss that you will stop, whichever is first. We understand that you may not want to stop in mid-session especially when you have a winning streak but we strongly recommend you do it so that your habit does not turn into a disorder.

Time please!

You can alternatively also set your session against the clock. Like for instance, “one hour of online betting for me!” And you are set. Set an alarm clock five to ten minutes earlier than an hour so you have sufficient time to wrap up the deal and log out in time. It may be difficult in the first instance but believe me it is the best approach so far.

Walk about

Don’t sit glued to the screen all the time. Walk away, eat a fruit r a snack and get back to the screen refreshed. This will not only help you clear your mind on a pending decision but also help you stay uninvolved. That is very important.

No gambling if you are low

Remember the wise old saying that you must never promise anyone when you are too happy? Well here’s another one. Never ever gamble when you are low, depressed, and nervous or stressed out. Gambling to get over a problem is not the right thing to do. Infact it has the potential to compound your problems further. Don’t think compulsively and hit an online casino website You may need to sleep over your problems than actually sitting and betting in front of your screen.

Sit in a room already occupied

Don’t try t avoid company and stay aloof while gambling on the internet. If you like to cocoon up in a room all by yourself, you may be beginning to develop addiction to gambling. That isn’t a good sign boss!


Watch television instead!

Don’t ever make the mistake of making online casinos a way for your getaway. You want to relax? Go for a walk! Take a shower! Or even watch some television show! But for heaven’s sake don’t play online when you want to fight boredom or loneliness

Have block ware on your computer

Okay, so you tried everything and did not succeed. And you think it is becoming a problem? No problem. Try installing block ware which will block all unwanted sites in your device. Now relax. No intruders allowed!


Realize that there is an obvious house edge in every game you play

One thing you must realize early on is to treat online gambling as a form of entertainment and not as a money making pre occupation. The company hosting the online casino obviously has a house edge in all the games. So, enjoy as much as you can and stop as quickly as you can. But in the meantime, make sure you have a fun time!